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Our leadership, process, and resources lead to successful software development
design and delivery that your IT teams need to succeed going forward.

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You Need Software Development
The D&M Way.

When your company learns that it doesn’t have the resources to complete your
most important IT projects successfully, what are your choices? You could try to hire top people quickly,
but in this job market, that may prove to be very difficult. You could hire a huge consulting
firm, but unless your organization is set up to manage that relationship, it will likely take more
time than you have and produce mixed to poor results.

We can help you increase the speed of producing deployable software while providing
the flexibility and scalability that your IT teams need to succeed going forward.

Agile Development

Leverage our team of software
experts to get your project
developed quickly.

Flexible Design

Enjoy multiple design options
to ensure your design has all
the features you need.

Scalable Deployment

Deploy applications that scale
to need both your current & future
business needs.


Don’t Throw Hardware at Bad Code.
Get Software Rescue.

When application performance is poor, the first thing you hear is, “The network is slow, I don’t
have enough bandwidth, the servers are over-utilized, or my desktop is underpowered.”

We optimize applications and engineer software to perform. This often results in needing less
hardware, which means fewer support costs. Our access to the best and most capable
development resources allow us to solve the most painstaking application issues.

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