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Almost three years ago D&M began building a consulting service that would bring outstanding technical resources to our clients.   During this time we have been able to attract leadership, staff, and solution partners whose experience is broad, highly skilled, and rigorously vetted.  As a result, our ability to execute is unmatched.

That cost is not passed on to our clients; it is part of the D&M “Customer First” experience we provide.

D&M differentiates itself in this space by relying on a niche segment of the technology workforce who are not interested in being full-time employees at any company. Instead, they work on specific projects they find exciting and challenging and have tangible start and end dates.   They all come with the highest abilities, knowledge, and certifications.  We feel this strategy enables us to support our clients with the best resources and provide a level of flexibility that cannot be equaled by our competitors. 

D&M’s hiring procedures include resume evaluation, multiple interviews with each candidate, including one with a Partner, reference checks, technical knowledge questioning, and personal background checks.  We often interview over 20 individuals for a given position.

However, every hiring practice is not perfect, so if it turns out a particular resource is not a fit with one of our clients, D&M utilizes its deep management experience to quickly identify potential issues and swiftly make changes to ensure the continued success of the engagement.  This may include removing a resource from an initiative and back-filling him/her with someone else.

D&M also has deep relationships with numerous, consulting and staffing firms who help augment our internal recruiting mechanism, when needed.  These groups help provide the best talent, at reduced prices to D&M.  Even when utilizing these types of companies, D&M still conducts multiple, internal interviews with each resource to ensure they not only meet the technical specifications of the particular client, but that they also will be a cultural fit within the organization. 

Additionally, during the past year, D&M implemented a program which provides an engagement/relationship manager to manage each placed resource, ensuring they are completing their responsibilities, and works through any specific issues that may arise.  This program also provides any additional training needed to complete the specific job responsibilities. 

D&M has a solid reputation throughout consultant circles.  We are often approached by consultants wondering if we have positions that fit their particular skill-set simply because they enjoy working with us and being part of our team.  

If you need technical resources such as PMs, Developers, Infrastructure/Security Engineers, Testers or Strategic Partners), reach out to us.  We can help you.