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Experience the DM Difference

We’ve been in this business for a long time. We’ve seen first-hand how frustrating it is for customers to navigate the myriad of technology vendors in search of the ideal solutions for their business. It is this struggle that drives us to bridge the gap between client requirements, providing world-class solutions and optimized pricing and value, while delivering a concierge level of customer support, execution, and service.

Excellence Built on Our Commitment.

We Put Your Business First. We focus on your business first – if we do that, our business takes care of itself. We aren’t driven by vendor quotas or carrier commissions, and we never put vendors ahead of your business needs. Instead, we focus on your business challenges, your strategic goals, and your success. No matter how big or small your challenges, whether you have 2,000 locations or one, you will always get the award-winning, personalized experience that D&M is famous for.

We Provide a Unique Perspective.

Our decades of business and technology experience give us the ability to acquire a 360-degree view of your business. Positioned at the intersection of Information Technology, Vendor Management, and Business Operations, D&M’s unique perspective affords you the opportunity to leverage our expertise designing a solution that’s best for you and your business.

We Bring the Enterprise to Your Front Door.

Our strategic partnerships deliver only the best solutions and support for your business. With more than 200 providers in our portfolio, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry’s best-in-class services and technologies. We bring all of these services, as well as a deep understanding of the solutions they provide, right to your doorstep.

“DM is the best. They wear our jersey day in and day out. They are a vital extension of our team.”​

Never Happier​

“They are always there when I need them. Day or Night, Weekends or Holidays. They care about our business.”​

Dedication is Immeasurable​

“We had a huge dispute with a major telco carrier – DM fought for us and the truth. The credit we received was deep into the six-figures.”​

Beyond Satisfied​

“We have a complex environment with sites in 26 states. DM helped us cloud-enable everything from our desktops, all the way to the eyes and ears of our customers. Our solution-set is turn-key.”​

Massively Impressed​