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D&M Enterprise Group is an independent telecommunications and energy consultant that has been recognized by the industry for its superior work managing the expenses and related services its clients require to compete at the highest level.

Our meticulous attention to customer service, billing accuracy, and technological developments not only provides our clients with a competitive advantage, but it saves them money.

The scope of D&M Enterprise Groupís services include:

  • System-Wide Analysis, including voice, data, Internet and phone equipment, is conducted to ensure all services and equipment you are being billed for are actually delivered and at the contracted rate(s).
  • Comprehensive Monthly Billing Audit provides an analysis of all billed items, including voice, data, Internet and phone equipment. Through special arrangement with the carriers/service providers, all bills can be sent directly to D&M. When errors are discovered, D&M will resolve these discrepancies directly with the carriers/service provider. Only after the errors are rectified and a revised bill is submitted to and approved by D&M will the bill be forwarded to you for payment.
  • Energy Savings as a result of deregulation, you now have a choice of who will supply your electricity and natural gas. At no cost to your company, D&M will conduct an audit of your energy usage and propose several alternate suppliers who will reduce your monthly energy spend.
  • Trouble Ticket Management is handled entirely by D&M. All claims are submitted directly to the vendor and aggressively followed up by D&M until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Wireless Management Services, including selecting the best carrier and equipment based on staff needs, auditing bills on a monthly basis to ensure the most advantageous plans are being used, and verifying rates and equipment.
  • Contract Negotiations handled properly can save your company millions of dollars. D&M has extensive experience in not only knowing which vendor to turn to for specific services, but how to structure agreements with these vendors so you benefit.
  • Project Administration in a complex area like telecom, where the smallest oversight can cause a major setback, requires the type of expertise D&M offers. Whether you are adding or relocating an office, enhancing your phone system, adding bandwidth or changing carriers, D&M can manage every aspect of the project. Conversely, we provide the same high level of project management for our energy clients to make sure the switch to a lower cost provider is seamless and all bills are accurate.
  • Provisioning Services are coordinated by D&M and conveyed to you. Every aspect of provisioning, including type of service, install date, rates, terms, and special considerations, are handled by D&Mís experienced staff.
We look forward to winning your business and adding your company to our extensive list of satisfied clients.

If you would like to speak to a D&M representative please call (888) 357-5055 or send us a question by clicking here.

April 18, 2014

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